Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teaching Korean

I became a Korean teacher in Darkhan.
Nowadays many of Mongolian people work in Korea, when I took the taxi sometimes driver can understood korean.. Wow...
He worked some years in Korea, after back to Mongolia he bought a car and house.. something like that..

So Pastor Orhung' wife wanted to learn Korean, actually I need translator...

3 times per week she comes to my house and we have good time to study Korean and I review Mongolian.

My neighbor, Jaska and her grandmother came to my house several times. so I suggested if Jaska wants to learn Korean, I can help her. Finally she became a my student.

I have a good helper, my daughter. My daughter Jin is so lonely in Darkhan. So I suggested you can teach Jaska and make her good friend. My daughter came to Darkhan two month ago so she cannot speak Mongolian well but they are teenagers..

Jaska understands some English so It is very helpful....

Yesterday she learned 1 to 10 in Korean. Her pronunciation was so great.. That's why children are good learner... we say.

When Jaska studied Korean, her grandmother watched Jesus Film.

We expect God's help...

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