Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Small group meeting for setting up the Darkhan Nazarene Church

Last May my wife and I went to Darkhan without my only daughter who study in Philippines.

At that time my neighbor, missionary Oh helped me so much. He came to Airport to pick me up to Darkhan and helped me finding rent a house. Now I am living that house, New Darkhan.

Thanks a lot Pastor...

And two weeks later my wife and I began to study Language school, 4 time per week. Each time is 4 hours but its 1 hour is 45 minutes. I have no information about Mongolia but before I had worked in Kazakhstan so I thought maybe Mongolia is very similar with Kazakhstan. Yes.. it is correct at least the weather in Mongolia.

For the first time I wanted to live in Ulaanbatar but when I visited that capital city, it seemed like chaotic .. many cars, pollution, and many missionaries.. I decided to move another place.

God gave me good opportunity to visit the second largest city, Darkhan. It is far from  230 km of UB. But the road is not good so it needed 3-4 hours from UB to Darkhan.

After living in Darkhan, I went to the Presbiterian church on Sunday, and in 2013 I decided to open new small group that is just my family.

Two months later I met one Mongolian pastor who works at small christian book store. He wanted to open a  new church soon, so he just worshiped the Lord at his book store on Sunday.

His name is Orhung, wife's name is Tonga.
I introduced about myself and the vision too...

so, we combine small each group and invited his local neighbors on Sunday.

The first combined worship service was great !!!
His neighbor Dolmaru came to the small group, she spoke in English but a little bit difficult because long time she had no chance to speak in English. Listening is better...
she helped me translate English to Mongolian...Above picture's left side first woman ..

 Paska is also new comer at our small group, his wife was called Agi.. she looks like Mongolian angel.. so kindness and rural area's woman.
Paska works private delivery service with his car. Before he worked at the church but after trouble with workers and he was separated from that. Now he is looking for new church.

After first meeting we have a little problem, Orhung's bookstore is not good place for our meeting. there is many hindrance that suddenly someone knock the door to ask and some visitors to buy something.

So we decided to move the place for worship service on Sunday at my house. The place is small but no hindrance on Sunday.  

After worship service on Sunday we had tea time. That time Paska's family was not coming but Domaru's husband was attending. His name is Ihbairu.. I don't know his name is correctly writing or not.. Mongolian name is difficult..

Last Sunday was the Easter day... 
We celebrated with all our heart and with songs... 

And more...

New family was coming ...
The husband's name is Enkbat, his wife's name is Nenda... so difficult..
Nenda worked at the YM before and she learned Korean when she attended Korean pastor's church in UB. She was a worship leader but now she is busy taking care of two children. 

Anyway, I prepared English sermon but suddenly she became a translator for me Korean to Mongolian... Praise the Lord...

Now my house is not enough for Sunday worship service so Orhung and I are looking for new place... We expect the great news.

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